• Routine strengthens my discipline. It improves how I operate daily and contributes most significantly to my overall effectiveness and success (define success as you wish). Mike Murdock said, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” Personally, I have found that as I’ve made positive improvements to lifestyle routines and reinforced them through a continued practice my overall happiness has increased.

    Success leaves clues. If you look at the moments in life that you’ve most thrived and felt at your best, you can probably find yourself attributing it to an experience that was marked by healthy routine. Apparently, many experiences bring us joy or an elated sense of satisfaction yet they are usually associated with the specific activity. The strength of solid routine is that is can allow us to operate more efficiently in everyday life regardless of the environment, circumstance, action or adversity that we may face.

    Recently I was asked to write about my morning routine that I thought would be good to share on my blog, too. Instead of copying and pasting the content here I will instead provide you with the link should you wish to have a read.

    Here is that link – My Morning Routine: Leigh Martinuzzi 

    How well you start anything is often an accurate indication of how well you finish it. If you start your day in a positive, healthy and energetic manner, you are likely to sleep at night satisfied by how well things went. It works for me and apparently many others.

    Benjamin Spall is the man behind My Morning Routine, an independent online magazine that publishes a brand new, inspiring morning routine every Wednesday. If you are looking to adopt a new routine or even shake up your current one, then you’ll find a great deal of inspiration and insight here.

    Ben has also been a featured guest on my podcast, episode 522. Ben has a pretty simple morning routine yet knows a heck of a lot about this subject. One piece of advice Ben shares is, experiment and trial various things but ultimately do what makes you the most effective based on how you want to live your life.

    If you wish to check out more from Ben – visit his website – My Morning Routine.

    In efforts to save me repeating myself, you can also listen to a recent solo tutorial I recorded, found here – 475 Daily Routines and Schedules. A Formula for Lifestyle Design.

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