• Deep Motivations That’ll Assist You to Persist

    Deep Motivations That’ll Assist You to Persist

    In last week’s post I discussed ideas on discovering deep motivations that will assist us to take action towards those changes and desires we wish for. I suggest that for any action to occur one needs to connect with their deep inner motivation not to external motivation alone. While there are certain external motivators that do help stimulate actions, it is our inner drivers that have the greatest power.

    It is the same inner motivation that is used to allow us to remain composed and to persist in times of adversity. When things get tough or as the results you desire are not coming as expected it’s easy to call it a day. You are less likely to call it a day when the motivation is from a deep place within.

    If you were asked to hold two bricks above the ground for 100 dollars you could, but if the arms start shacking it will be easy for the inner voice to give you permission to give up and drop the bricks. No money, no gain, but no big loss, either.

    If you were to hold the bricks for the sake of your children’s life, now no matter how sore your arms get, no matter how severe the shacking, the sweet and the pain will be easily absorbed by a powerful and deep motivation from within.

    The persistence to pursue what you desire will be marked by the same inner motivation. The stronger it is the longer you will persist despite any pleasure or pain.

    On a slightly side note, when we feel pleasure in our pursuits we sometimes allow ourselves to loosen the straps and relax. When we take our eye of the ball and we are not consistent with our actions we tend to let things slip.

    When things decline we feel pain with the additional work required to get back there again. Such situations also encourage us to give up because we are unable to see the benefits of painstaking work for mere moments of pleasure of fortunes. Pleasure and fortunes will become more consistent for those that remain persistent and consistent even when things are pleasant and/or unpleasant.

    I almost feel that suffering arises from this lack of balance, at least in my personal experience. The wise man does not take advantage of the good times and forgets to do the work, he remains composed and acts with consistency at all times. He knows this is the key to succeeding in what he pursues.

    The second fundamental key to persistence is in choosing the correct practices. It is easy to follow the crowds and do what is common but this can be a trap and a limitation to the success of our journey. For not one practice suits us all.

    The motivation to persist will be found in the action itself. Does the action feel right? Does it feel good? Is it the best action most favourable to seeing in the result required, both in speed and quality? Are there others actions more favourable? These are just a few questions you may wish to ask yourself.

    If you cannot find joy and pleasure in the actions themselves, you may lack the motivation to persist, despite the inner why. This is why you must continue to seek out what works best for your unique situation and not let one practice give you an excuse to give up.

    Just as a recipe to bake a cake may not bake the cake you really were hoping for, this shouldn’t mean you should give up. Try other recipes, experiment, and do not stop until you find the recipe that bakes that cake that you truly were dreaming of.

    Deep inner motivation will assist you to persist, it will assist you to take action. We must also find motivation in the action and for each of us that can be found, we just have to persist long enough until we find the practices, actions and behaviours that are a match.

    This concludes my two-part blog on keeping the motivation alive so that you can truly reach the destination that your journey is taking you. Please leave your comments and thoughts below and reach out to me if you would like assistance in better understating your motivational drivers so you can live the life you truly wish for.

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