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  • Success in Life Come From Dedication Across All Disciplines

    Success in Life Come From Dedication Across All Disciplines

    Continual commitment to improve across all areas of life is a desirable trait. It is what builds one’s character. It is in the actions that one discovers and evolves their why. It is the glue of life. It is the what gives us meaning, what assists us to remove suffering and raise happiness in life, it is the magic of life. Where does one focus their attention?

    The truth is that any practices that assist us to grow and progress in life are beneficial. There are indeed thousands of practices that bring rise to the same or similar results. The practice you choose must be out of what is of priority for you in your life right now and also for what works for you in your current situation.

    We are all different in nature and in nurture and for that reason not one rule applies to us all. What is critical is that we constantly seek to improve ourselves. A lack of focus or effort in regards to our personal development will be characterised by focus and effort given to areas of life that are not beneficial for one’s overall wellbeing. (more…)

  • Deep Motivations That’ll Assist You to Persist

    Deep Motivations That’ll Assist You to Persist

    In last week’s post I discussed ideas on discovering deep motivations that will assist us to take action towards those changes and desires we wish for. I suggest that for any action to occur one needs to connect with their deep inner motivation not to external motivation alone. While there are certain external motivators that do help stimulate actions, it is our inner drivers that have the greatest power.

    It is the same inner motivation that is used to allow us to remain composed and to persist in times of adversity. When things get tough or as the results you desire are not coming as expected it’s easy to call it a day. You are less likely to call it a day when the motivation is from a deep place within. (more…)

  • Discover Deep Motivations That Will Assist You to Make the Change That You Desire

    Discover Deep Motivations That Will Assist You to Make the Change That You Desire
    Do you find yourself constantly knowing what you should be doing but struggling to do it? With the overabundant amount of advice, information, ideas and thought on how to best live this life it can seem difficult to navigate yourself towards what is best for you. Personally it is a constant battle for me which is why I continue to challenge myself.

    Here is what I know. The subconscious mind is very good at keeping us doing the behaviours that we are familiar with and comfortable. We are creatures of habit and habit is something that can be difficult to change but not impossible. The first reason why we might struggle to do those things we know or wish to be doing can be some part be the responsibility of the subconscious mind. (more…)

  • Discipline, Consistency & Greater Self Control - A 28-Day Challenge

    Discipline, Consistency & Greater Self Control – A 28-Day Challenge

    This is not an April fool’s joke- it is time I challenge myself again. This is not reason to increase the complexity of my existence it is a chance to simplify it by being in charge and seeking change and improvement.

    For those of you who follow me at The Hidden Why you will be familiar with some of my recent thoughts with particular reference to being the captain of my ship, the master of my soul. Not negotiating with my mind. Talking to myself and directing my life. Being my own greatest leader not a mere cog in the wheel of my consciousness.

    I have also found interest in science, particularly discovered through the works of Sam Harris, neuroscientist and philosophical writer, that proves there is no free will. With all this thought in mind I have a great desire right now to sharpen things up and prove a few things to the Self and seek to discover what is true and what is truth. (more…)

  • Remove The Thorns Holding You Back - Invest In Your Personal Development

    Remove The Thorns Holding You Back – Invest In Your Personal Development 

    To really begin the journey of life and understanding what it all means you have be ready to commit to your own transformation. Firstly, this requires the ability to break free from your self-caused suffering. The more you are suffering the harder it is to proceed. This doesn’t mean you need to be free to proceed and progress. Freedom is created in the work itself.

    Imagine for a moment you had a terrible big thorn in the bottom of your foot. If you’ve had one of those before you will know of the pain it can cause even without walking on it. Now imagine you had to walk 1000 meters with that thorn in your foot. The pain would be immense and the suffering would distract you away from any magic that may come about in the moment.

    Suffering is like having a thorn in your foot. It hurts. It distracts our focus from greater things. It will stick around until we pull it out and remove it. That is the nature of suffering. (more…)

  • A Thought On Self-Sabotage

    A Thought On Self-Sabotage 

    You know what you want. The Self knows it. But you also know what you are comfortable with so you choose to do what you know. You have ambitions, you know you’d love to sing and inspire many, jumping like a mad dog from stage into the crowd, but your consciousness and subconscious has no concept of this.

    The subconscious – that is responsible for 95 to 99 percent of all our behaviours, is controlling us. It brings to our reality what we know and what we believe to know. To believe that we might be a major rock star or even a minimal one singing from stage to thousands of fans is difficult to grasp.

    To sit and drink and eat pasta, followed by wine, banter with friends, games etcetera, etcetera… this is familiar. The mind much like the universe attracts to it what it knows. How do you find a way around this? I want to inspire, I want to motivate, I want to be something else, the David Wood, the Tony Robbins, the spiritual wise guy, but I have no idea how. I can learn, I understand yet I am no nearer that state of being I so desire. (more…)

  • Be-Do-Have. Simplify and De-Clutter Your World & Create More Abundance

    Be-Do-Have. Simplify and De-Clutter Your World & Create More Abundance

    A few weeks ago I posted an article titled “Simplified Living for A Simplified Life: A Process for Creating More.” In this article I shared with you my experience as it relates to overwhelm and unnecessary consumption. My thoughts about living a simplified life were shared and why it is beneficial for the purpose of a meaningful existence.

    My ideas about consumption don’t just relate to what we buy and possess but also in regards to what media we consume as well as what tasks and activities may, without great purpose, fill our daily lives. Things accumulate and without conscious awareness they can begin to consume us.

    Today I wanted to share with you some practical thoughts that might of benefit in order to simplify and minimalize your life so that you can be more focused and effective, less overwhelmed and stressed, and more able to live life with greater freedom, fulfilment and happiness. (more…)

  • 5 Benefits That Come from Discovering Your Why & Living It

    5 Benefits That Come from Discovering Your Why & Living It

    Life’s goal is to live with greater Freedom, Fulfilment and Happiness in life. To do this we need to ultimately decide on what that looks like for each of us and then go about discovering and developing our WHY from there. There’s that WHY word again that I talk so much about.

    Today I want to touch on a 5 reasons, not the only ones, that you will benefit from by connecting with your why and using this as the tool to navigate you on your journey in this beautiful existence.

    As I have and continue to ask the big questions about life and experience this life as congruently as I can with my inner WHY I have made some pretty exciting and rewarding discoveries. (more…)

  • A Thought On Time, Correct Use of Time, Life and Productivity

    A Thought On Time, Correct Use of Time, Life and Productivity

    I have always said that I am an impatient person in nature. This characteristic kind of forces me to make the most of time – to not use time incorrectly. Of course how I use time and therefore define “correct use” of time will likely differ from you. There is not one rule that fits us all. It is important to live this life as you wish and that doesn’t happen by following the typical paths of society or others. Do what works for you!

    It is easy to appreciate the preciousness of time. Understanding it is our most valuable resource. I like being very conscious of time. And yet I wonder! I wonder how much pressure time places on me and how I live my life. Is it healthy? Do I allow time to own me? Is my consciousness of time and effectiveness with time actually the creator of much of my anxiety, stress and suffering? (more…)

  • Global Tribe – Is External Definition & Social A Cause of Self-Suffering?

    Global Tribe – Is External Definition & Social A Cause of Self-Suffering?

    It would appear that as a whole there is more fear in society than ever before. Many have stated that there is less to be fearful of than ever before. As it relates to our ability to survive there may be some truth to such claims. However, if people are living in greater fear than ever before what is going on.

    Depression is on the rise despite the numerous methods of treatment available. There is more opportunity at our finger tips than ever before. For those fortunate to have basic needs covered, food, water, shelter and warmth, there is more life enhancing elements available at our disposal – yet fear is increasingly evident.

    This is merely a perspective of my own based upon what I perceive and may or may not be more severe than I describe. I am my eye! I do not have all the answers nor do I know what is truly happening or causing the fear I see. I am a deep and compassionate man. I seek truth. I seek real. I desire less suffering. And I’d rather spend my time being a proponent of love, not fear. (more…)

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