• Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Milburn

    Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Milburn

    “Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit.” Hosea Ballou.

    I like these guys and I love the message they share. Creating a minimalist lifestyle. A life that removes the clutter and chaos and in doing so allowing us to act and exist more purposefully as we wish in life.

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    The concept when understood will chip away the edges of complexity, remove the boundaries and limitations placed on us by overwhelm and clutter, and allow us to navigate a more beautiful journey in life – one of freedom, fulfilment and happiness.

    This is the second book I have read of theirs in recent months. Personally I found their book Essential: Essays by the Minimalists more enjoyable and insightful. If this is your first contact with these boys I would suggest you start there also. However, not that this book was without insight. They share a powerful message on what it takes to live a minimalist lifestyle and the benefits that can be created.

    The authors decided to write a short book to keep aligned with the theme of their message, not good, not bad, it just is. The concepts that they share however have substance and if you can understand them and find practices and ways to bring them into your focus and life you will benefit greatly, especially as it relates to living a meaningful life.

    Ryan and Joshua have been long-time friends and both found themselves working high paid jobs in the corporate arena chasing the American dream. At the age of 30 they began asking questions about what it was all for. They made the decision to jump ship and create a life that would bring them more meaning and in essence more sanity.

    The behaviours and how they lived life as a result from boarding the corporate career train, that many of us jump on in hope for glory and promise of greater reward, weren’t doing them any favours. Not only were the rewards not as expected, some absolutely false, but many other areas of their life began to suffer.

    Is the money, status, title, satisfaction of the ego enough to counter the stress on our physical and mental health worth it. Is the damage that such a lifestyle brings with it worth sacrifice to our relationships, growth, ability to work in areas that we are passionate about or being able to contributing to others. The individualistic state of society and race for achievement and greatness can be tarnished by the effects not only on oneself but on the collective good of the world.

    The five areas that Ryan and Joshua believe will create a meaningful life are health, relationships, passion, growth and contribution. I couldn’t agree more. In each chapter the authors discuss and highlight why each of these areas are critical in a meaningful life.

    They give their perspective based on experience and leaning and also practices that are simple suggestions – test them out yourself. Practices are neither right or wrong they are what has worked for them personally in efforts to find continual improvements within each of these five areas.

    If life is bringing your down. If you too have asked in recent times bolder questions about life and meaning you will get a tonne of value from this book. It can be read a few short sessions and the concepts are relatively easy to grip.

    The task for all of us that often represents the greatest challenge is the implementation and the execution. We must do the work that matters. If you know your why you will have greater motivation and ability to achieve this, Ryan and Joshua did and as you will read, their lives have transformed to amazing new levels. A life with meaning – A minimalist life.

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    If this book sounds of interest you can purchase Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life here.

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    Peace, passion and purpose…

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